Paul's Pumpkin Patch offers a variety of field trip opportunities for class groups from Pre-School through Grade 6. All classes are taught by certified teachers and are tailored to the age and abilities of each individual group. Offerings include math, science and reading based classes and are included in the activities of the visit to our farm.

Classes offered include:


We're Into Pumpkins

Through hands-on, interdisciplinary activities, students learn about pumpkins as fruits and as food sources. After a brief introduction, the main thrust of the instruction will center on computation, estimation, and measurement. We will estimate weight, seed count and size and then do the actual weighing, measuring and seed counting on several pumpkins.


Exploring Farm Animals

Students will explore the various farm animals and the part they play in our lives. Students will be introduced to several animals on the farm. We will discuss the care of these animals, information about each species and the products of each of the animals. With safety as a priority, we will get "up close and personal" with the various animal species.


Cold Air and Fuzzy Mittens

When it is cold outside, how do you keep your hands warm? Different products from the farm can help you stay warm. A scientific investigation of "bag mittens" will help you decide which insulators keep your hands the warmest.


Let's Read About Pumpkins

Students will discuss the raising of seeds with an emphasis on pumpkin seeds. Age level appropriate books will be read to the students describing the life cycle of a pumpkin plant. At various points in the reading, questions will be asked to encourage discussion with the children. What is being read will be associated with what the students have seen at the pumpkin patch. At the end of the story, the children will be ask to review the life of a pumpkin plant. A second story, Too Many Pumpkins, by Linda White, will be read to the students. At various points, the teacher will ask prediction questions to engage the children in the story. To conclude the class, the students will again discuss the life cycle of a pumpkin plant.



Additional class offering are available in collaboration with individual classroom teachers.



Classes are scheduled either in 2 hour or 4 hour segments. A two hour segment (morning or afternoon) will include one 35 - 45 minute class, a hayride and all of the other activities of our farm. A four hour segment (morning and afternoon) will include two 35 - 45 minute classes, a hayride and all of the other activities on our farm. We have tables for eating a lunch or snacks. It is recommended that students and staff bring a bag lunch. A porta-john and hand washing sink are provided.



2 hour segment - $4.00 / student One free teacher/adult with each 10 students

4 hour segment - $6.00 / student One free teacher/adult with each 10 students


Teaching staff:

The majority of classes will be taught by Paul. Paul is a retired public school teacher, having taught 35 years in the state of Pennsylvania. Additional teachers are employed based on need. Most are also retired public school teachers from the area.



Call early to schedule your classes.  Spots are filling up fast.  814-365-5161

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