We Are Back!


After being closed the fall of 2016, we are planning on being open for business for the fall of 2017!


We want to thank all of you who showed concern and sent well wishes when we did not open for the 2016 pumpkin season.  In the case you didn’t know, after an extremely dry growing season, I contracted pneumonia in August last summer.  With almost no pumpkins and the lingering threat of a recurrence of this nasty disease, we made the difficult decision not to open last fall.  We missed seeing all of you, our loyal customers, who have supported us for the last eight years since we opened the “Patch” in 2008.  Everywhere we have gone since that the first question was “How are you feeling?” and the second one was “Are you going to have the Pumpkin Patch in 2017?”  To let you know, I am doing just fine and have had no re-occurrence of the disease that put me out of commission for a few weeks.  And secondly, yes, we are going to open for the fall of 2017.  We are again looking forward to hosting you here at our farm and hope that you will pass the word to your friends and neighbors.  All of our regular attractions will be up and running with, hopefully, at least one new addition added to our line-up.  I am looking forward to again hosting school field trips as well as our popular “Not Too Scary Night-time Hayrides.”  We will be maintaining our website and please be sure to visit us on Facebook.  We will be opening a little later than usual on Wednesday, September 27 and will be open through Sunday, October 29.  We look forward to seeing you so come visit us this fall at Paul’s Pumpkin Patch!



A Note From Paul